Licensing Options

Microdiet can be supplied with a number of licensing options to suit your organisation.

Evaluation Copy:

If you are a qualified healthcare professional or a food company we will happily send you an evaluation copy of the latest version of "Microdiet" for you to try. After 30 days if you find it's not what you need then there will be no charge.

Single User Licence:
A single user licence can only be used on the machine the licence is purchased for. However we will happily transfer your licence to another machine whenever necessary. Your machine is identified by a unique machine ID.
Site Licence:
This licence offers reducing charges for larger hospital departments and food companies. The charge is based on the number of computers in use.
Educational: Special reductions for educational use.
Class Teaching: Licence charge based on number of users, with reduced charges the more licences you buy.
Student Licence:
"Microdiet" offers discounts for groups of students purchasing the "Microdiet" software for use on their courses. The software can only be installed on pre-specified machines and will expire at the end of your course.